So you want to replace the default Windows XP wallpaper? Microsoft calls it "Bliss".

Here's my personal selection of the top 10 serious replacements that are similar - but better...

Top-10 quality replacements for the XP "Bliss" wallpaper :

Real Bliss: Slick Bliss: Dark Bliss:

Golf Bliss: Baa Bliss: Evening Bliss:

Farm Bliss: Hill-farm Bliss: Corn Bliss:

Brighter Bliss:

Some books you may enjoy:

Where was the official XP "Bliss" wallpaper picture made?
Opinion varies. Some say Napa Valley, California. Other say County Kerry in Ireland. Other say Shropshire in England. But many think it's a faked composite image done in Photoshop.  

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